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Do you feel it is the ideal time to consolidate your credits? In this article, we explain to you when to choose this type of financial solution and when to look for another option.

1. Moments of labor instability – no


The loan consolidation has many benefits, yes, but not always is at the right time to do so. For example, if you do not have professional stability, you may think that consolidating your credits is a logical step to take, but the truth is that it will be very difficult to obtain such approval. 

As a rule, it is only possible to carry out credit consolidation if it is effective in the workplace, this is because financial institutions do not want to run the risk of the credit holder becoming unemployed and no longer having the ability to meet credit obligations. 

That is if you are in a situation of job instability and want to consolidate your credits, know that it is not the ideal time to make that choice.


2. Periods of economic growth – yes

2. Periods of economic growth - yes

We tend to think that only when there are financial difficulties is it necessary to consolidate the credits, however, there are more favorable times to do good consolidation deals. At a time of economic growth, such as the one we currently live in, when banks have greater liquidity, they have the best consolidation opportunities at their disposal.

 This is because banks are available to offer much lower rates, thus reducing their monthly charges by reducing (they can achieve a reduction of up to 60% in their installments ).


3. When the effort rate is above 40% – yes

3. When the effort rate is above 40% - yes

It may seem obvious, but the big warning that you urgently need to consolidate your credits is when your effort rate is reaching very high percentages. With effort rates of around 30%, as a rule, there is no pressing need to consolidate your credits. 

On the other hand, when your effort rate reaches 40% or even exceeds this value, this means that you have a very heavy burden on the credits and you should consider consolidating them. This way, you will get a bigger monthly break and will avoid falling into the situation of being in default with the monthly installments.


That said, it is always important to note that each case is unique. Debt consolidation must be analyzed in a customized way. If you are considering applying for a consolidated credit, try to analyze your particular situation very well and understand if this is the most advantageous time to opt for this financial solution. 

To do this, always consult with a trusted credit intermediary. At Lite Credit we present solutions tailored to your financial situation. Get in touch with us and get the support you need to make the best choice.

Student Loan Credit study stress free. Thu, 30 Jan 2020 16:23:52 +0000

For more financial freedom. Use a student loan from Astro Finance to provide financial support for your studies. Anyone who receives no or insufficient Federal financial aid as a student, cannot receive sufficient support from their parents and does not earn enough from part-time jobs can benefit from a student loan. A student loan from Astro Finance can be applied for easily and without red tape online. No certificate of study or proof of achievement has to be submitted. It doesn’t matter which semester you are in.

Opportunities to finance a degree

Opportunities to finance a degree

Studying is not exactly cheap. The most common way to finance your studies is state funding through Federal financial aid or an educational loan from intrasavings bank. Federal financial aid (Federal Education Promotion Act) is a state grant for students, half of which is a non-repayable grant and the other half is an interest-free loan. The money is paid out in monthly installments during the semester, while the repayment is only made after graduation.

However, not every student is eligible for Federal financial aid. Successful funding from Federal financial aid depends on various factors, such as: B. the type of higher education institution, parents’ income, personal income and assets. Age also plays an important role. From the age of 30, studies are only funded in exceptional cases with student Federal financial aid or a parent-independent Federal financial aid. As a trainee you are not entitled to student Federal financial aid, but can apply for a vocational training grant (BAB).

Those who study in a popular student city and cannot receive financial support from their parents often have problems covering the high rent and living costs despite the Federal financial aid maximum rate. So you have to look for a part-time job. The Federal financial aid office grants allowances for income and / or assets. If this is above the respective allowances, the difference will be deducted from the Federal financial aid. This ultimately leads to a reduction in Federal financial aid funding. Even if you earn too much with a part-time job, the maximum rate can be reduced.

Determining the loan amount, calculating costs

Determining the loan amount, calculating costs

If you want to start studying, you will face a lot of costs. If the maintenance of the parents and the Federal financial aid are not sufficient, or you may not be entitled to it and you do not want to spend all your free time doing part-time jobs, you have the option of taking out a student loan.

Before you take out such a loan, you should carry out a detailed determination of the costs. Because a lot has to be calculated for a degree. In addition to the monthly rent, the cost of living and insurance, costs for semester fees, semester ticket, cafeteria, specialist books and any necessary materials must be calculated. If you want to spend a semester or even the whole course of study abroad, costs such as flight, accommodation and a ticket for local transport should be taken into account when calculating the student loan for a stay abroad. Semester fees in other countries are often significantly higher than in Germany. And last but not least, the freedoms of student life want to be savored. When borrowing, the most important motto is: As little as possible, but as much as necessary.

Study and learn stress-free with a student loan from private

Study and learn stress-free with a student loan from private

A student loan from Astro Finance is particularly advisable if you have to bridge an unexpected financial gap until the next payment. If, for example, the laptop has to be replaced, the additional heating costs coincide with other bills, neither Federal financial aid nor parents or relatives can help out and the next salary receipt is still a few weeks away from the part-time job. In such financial constraints, a personal loan is a quick and cheap solution.

Applying for a student loan from Astro Finance is easy and unbureaucratic. In contrast to Federal financial aid and intrasavings bank funding, the amount requested for a personal loan is paid out at once. This makes you more flexible and you can divide up the monthly amounts yourself. For example, if there are exams, you have the opportunity to work a little less during your studies and concentrate on learning, and still make ends meet. A student loan from private donors is also an uncomplicated solution for financing a semester abroad.

Renovation loan cheap renovate. Thu, 30 Jan 2020 16:02:10 +0000

Astro Finance makes it easy for you

Fellow Finance makes it easy for you

  • Monthly installments from 25 USD
  • Interest from 3%
  • No equity or collateral needed
  • Loans with a term of up to 7 years
  • Quick notification if your loan can be funded
  • You can repay the loan at any time without additional costs
  • Flexible monthly payment system

Applying for a renovation loan with Astro Finance works like a normal personal loan. Simply fill out the application form. After a preliminary loan decision, your loan request becomes visible on the online platform and can be financed by private investors. With Astro Finance, you can take out loans ranging from USD 1,000 to USD 10,000, depending on your creditworthiness, even from interest rates of 3%. With a good credit rating, your loan application will be fully funded by investors within a few minutes.

Then you can simply choose the best offer and after successful verification the requested amount will be in your account the next day. If you select the IDnow online identification process, you can save yourself the trip to the post office and therefore do not even have to leave the house to identify yourself. Everything can be done conveniently from home via the Internet, even signing the contract. This means that nothing stands in the way of remodeling or renewing your home. You can conveniently pay off the loan amount in monthly installments. You can determine the term of the loan yourself.



Regardless of whether you own a house or a condominium or live for rent, sooner or later renovation is actually always an issue. It can simply be a redesign of ceilings, walls and floors or the necessary repairs and repairs. For smaller renovation or repair work, you can easily do it yourself and renovate independently. However, if you have special requests or major improvements to carry out, the material costs can be quite high.

Even if you prefer to have the tasks performed by a specialist, this is often a very expensive task. In such cases, a home loan is a great option. In contrast to a real estate loan, a mortgage or mortgage does not need to be registered in the land register. Applying for a renovation loan through Astro Finance is easy and unbureaucratic, and payment is usually made within a few working days. So you don’t have to save the necessary money for long and you can start renovating right away.

Cosmetic repairs after moving out of the rented apartment

Cosmetic repairs after moving out of the rented apartment

Moving to a new home always involves costs. This not only applies to the move to the new apartment, the old apartment must also be in acceptable condition for the subsequent tenant. Tenants are obliged to maintain the apartment during the rental period and at the end of the rental period. The scope of maintenance depends on the rental agreement. However, minor cosmetic repairs are always mandatory in most cases.

This includes, for example, a new coat of paint, new wallpapering, the removal of boreholes, repairs to walls and the ceiling. Even if you have made changes to the apartment during your rental period, the landlord can request that these be reversed. For example, certain neutral colors are specified when painting. If you have painted the walls in a different color or partially papered them or have installed another floor, this must be changed again at your own expense. In the event of a move out, such cosmetic repairs must be carried out on time.

Bathroom and kitchen renovation

Bathroom and kitchen renovation

In contrast to the living room and bedroom or hallway, the kitchen and bathroom, in most cases, are somewhat more special and expensive to renovate. This is because most bathrooms and kitchens have tiled walls. If a major repair or redesign is to be carried out here, it is often better to consult a specialist. Often you don’t have enough money on your side for this, especially if you have a long planned vacation or a car repair ahead.

For renovations that can not be long in coming, a renovation loan is a good solution. With a loan, necessary repairs, repairs or redesign requests can be implemented immediately without having to forego other needs and wishes. Astro Finance personal loans can be customized to meet individual needs. For example, you can set the interest rate and the term yourself. So the monthly installments are not too high.

What can I finance with an ecological renovation loan? Sat, 18 Jan 2020 16:02:37 +0000

Renovate your home in an ecological way: you can do it yourself or call in specialists. But in both cases, you can apply for a Home Improvement Loan to finance your investments! Let’s review the different projects that you can finance with this loan. This type of loan allows you to make renovations in your home in order to save energy. Financial organizations, such as Petelem for example, wish, by offering this type of loan, to encourage projects that respect the environment and encourage households to favor the green loan, by granting more advantageous conditions, such as a generally very low rate.

Renovating your home while keeping ecology in mind, that only has advantages. On the one hand, your home will be much more pleasant and comfortable, and on the other hand, you will save money in the long term! In addition, you make a flower for the planet. Many improvements to your home can be financed by an Ecological Renovation Loan. In addition, it is not necessary to have the work carried out by a professional: you can very well borrow to buy the materials and carry out the work yourself.


1. It all starts with an audit

money loan

If you are not sure what can / should be done at home, you can consult a specialist and have an energy audit carried out on your home. Its cost may be the object of your loan. After this audit, you will see more clearly what work can be done, what the priorities are, and you can more easily calculate the costs.


2. Insulate your home

home loan

Maybe you already have a good heating system, but without good insulation, you lose the benefit. Insulating your house well can greatly reduce your energy consumption and reduce your bills!

You can use the Ecological Renovation Loan to:

  • Insulate your walls, floors and roof
  • Place double glazing or high performance glazing
  • Place a green roof: not only does it insulate from hot and cold, but it also reduces noise, extends the life of your roof and offers a certain aesthetic charm


3. Install a heating system


Of course, the Ecological Renovation Loan also covers heating systems of different types:

  • Replacement of an old boiler
  • Installation of a water heating system using solar energy
  • The placement of a heat regulation system of an existing central heating installation, through thermostatic valves or a timer thermostat
  • Installation of pellet stoves


4. Produce your energy

financial loan

Finally, the Ecological Renovation Loan also concerns you if you want to set up facilities to produce your own energy. We obviously think of photovoltaic panels, but not only! You can also install:

  • An air-water heat pump to save energy
  • Equipment aimed at producing geothermal energy
  • A system for producing hot water using solar energy

You can also install a home automation system that will optimize the energy consumption of your home.

Can we trust zero-rate credits? Fri, 17 Jan 2020 16:09:52 +0000

Zero-rate loans are often synonymous with opacity and fear, because it is difficult to identify oneself among the multitude of offers on the market. What information to decrypt and the parameters to take into account to borrow at zero interest rate with confidence? We tell you everything.

Imagine, it’s the auto show period. You are planning to buy a car, so you are looking more closely at the possible alternatives for making this purchase. Among the selling points, you notice that some dealers offer a loan at zero rate to finance the purchase of your car. The same applies when a large brand offers you zero-rate credit for the purchase of a household appliance or a television. Too good to be true? Not necessarily.


Zero rate: what does it mean in practice?

Zero rate: what does it mean in practice?

Opting for a zero-rate loan with confidence and enjoying all the advantages it entails is possible provided you are vigilant and ensure the total transparency of the offer.

Above all, it is a matter of maintaining your critical sense: whoever offers you a zero rate, analyze the entire offer. It is worth taking out your calculator to compare your advantage in one case or the other.


Here are the criteria to watch out for.

Here are the criteria to watch out for.

Cash purchase, zero-rate credit or conventional loan: what are the differences in terms of figures and advantages?

Here are the criteria to be aware of before making your decision:

  1. The repayment deadline: the deadline is often longer for a conventional loan. Remember to analyze the conditions of this schedule and the related clauses in the event of potential inability to reimburse.
  2. The amount of monthly payments to be paid.
  3. The possible obligation to pay a deposit.
  4. The general conditions: remember to read all this fairly technical information in detail and with a relaxed head. Do not hesitate to have them explained to you in case of doubt or misunderstanding.

The comparisons made, it’s up to you to see what you need most now: an additional benefit or a spread payment? A zero rate or a longer repayment term?


An advantage like any other

credit loan

In the end, zero-rate credit is just another advantage like any other, just as a sign will one day offer you ‘free’ VAT and another day, home delivery.

Take advantage of a zero-rate loan with confidence and security, it is entirely possible provided that all the procedures and related clauses are perfectly explicit and measurable. In short, understand everything to make the best decisions!

To invest in loans – Investment opportunity! Wed, 11 Dec 2019 16:14:05 +0000


 Investment opportunities for everyone

Investment opportunities for everyone

Are you an experienced investor looking to diversify your portfolio or are you considering investing your money for the first time? Investing in loans is straightforward and is suitable for small and institutional investors as well as for anyone who wants to increase their savings in the long term.

We offer you a safe and confidential way to invest in personal or corporate loans and receivables. Our many years of experience as experts in credit risk management and investments form the basis of our modern crowdfunding service, which is the market leader in the Nordic region and which is also available to you free of charge and without complications.

Start your career as a banker in 2020!

Start your career as a banker in 2020!

Investing in consumer and corporate loans is an investment opportunity that was previously reserved exclusively for banks. A bank’s business model is to lend the funds deposited by savers for minimum interest to borrowers for maximum interest. With our service, savers can decide for themselves who and under what conditions they lend their money. Our investors receive the full interest paid by the borrowers. Why should you lend your assets to a bank at zero interest if you can instead lend yourself – against profitable interest, without own costs and with minimal risk?

Credit Risk Management

Credit Risk Management

Fellow Finance finds, identifies and assesses potential borrowers. Anyone wishing to take out a loan through us must have a trouble-free payment history and sufficient monthly income to enable the loan to be repaid in addition to other expenses. You choose who and under what conditions you want to lend your money. Our five-tier credit rating system, in which we classify all borrowers, helps you make your choice. We use Microsoft Azure as an assessment tool, which can take into account hundreds of variables. The credit score provides information about the expected payment behavior of the borrower and thus about the credit risk.

Diversification of the investment portfolio

Diversification of the investment portfolio

You can easily split your investment into hundreds of loans to minimize individual risks and achieve competitive returns with low volatility. German, Finnish, Swedish and Polish P2P loans as well as Finnish corporate loans and receivables are available as investment objects. In order to minimize the credit risk, it is advisable to spread the capital over at least 100 different loans so that an individual borrower in the respective credit market accounts for a maximum of 1% of the investment amount. For your assets, investing in loans represents a whole new way of diversification, which does not correlate with conventional investment alternatives such as the stock or interest rate market.

Easy and fast loans to Housewives Sat, 07 Dec 2019 19:01:01 +0000

Nowadays, while the use of credit has increased, the use of credit has also become quite easy. With the support of technology, using credit has become much faster. Since the use of credit has become so easy compared to the past, housewives can also use credit. Read more at

Of course, in order for housewives to use loans, banks are looking for some conditions in accordance with their policies. After the conditions are fulfilled, it can be applied to banks that give loans to housewives.

What is important at this point is that the person acts on the figures that he / she will not have difficulty in considering everything and paying back. Otherwise, undesirable situations may occur. The right step here is; to determine the credit limit in accordance with the conditions.

Credit to housewives with low credit ratings

Credit to housewives with low credit ratings


As with all types of loans, the credit rating of the housewives is one of the conditions in which credit ratings are sought. The housewife’s credit rating is an important factor in her loan application. The credit rating refers to the individual’s financial background.

For example; The credit ratings of individuals who made irregular payments are low. To learn this, a credit score inquiry must be made. Loan applications of housewives with high credit ratings can be approved more easily. Housewives with low credit ratings can apply certain techniques to upgrade their credit ratings.

Credit to housewives who receive pension

Credit to housewives who receive pension


It is one of the most important criteria in providing loans to housewives. If; If a pension is obtained from the mother or father, this monthly is counted as regular income. Therefore, it is positively reflected in the approval process of the loan application.

Credit to the insured without supplementary income

Credit to the insured without supplementary income

Additional income; there may be rental income from any property. In addition, there may be a certain income earned by the housewife working at home. At this point; It is important to state that; It is not mentioned to earn thousands of dollar per month under the condition of additional income.

To explain with an example; When a housewife applies for a loan, if the loan amount is 500 USD per month and this housewife receives an additional income of 500 USD or more per month, this positively reflects the evaluation of the loan application of the person.

Financial Asset

Financial assets in banks affect the application evaluation process. If the housewife has a savings account or investment account, it is important in terms of being a guarantor. At the same time, if deposit interest income exists, this also has positive effects on the application evaluation process.


It is effective in approving the loan application of mortgage housewives, who are not preferred and risky for most people. Housewives who own real estate, such as land, land, or housing, can mortgage their property and use loans.


The guarantor option is one of the most preferred methods. Because it can be considered as an option for housewives who do not work, have no additional income, have no account or real estate. At this point; There should be no problem or negativity in the financial situation of the guarantor chosen by housewives. At the same time, some conditions are sought in the guarantor to be found. For example; it must have at least one of the criteria such as regular income level, real estate, investment account. If these conditions are met, the person may be the guarantor.

Mortgage loan: compare offers well Mon, 18 Nov 2019 15:31:46 +0000

Preparing your real estate financing project allows you to better negotiate the financial terms of the mortgage. Before starting, follow the guide! ?


The loan rate

The loan rate

It is essential to compare the interest rates offered, by competing against several banking establishments. The credit offered can be at a fixed rate or at a variable rate.

In the first case, the rate is identical for the entire duration of your loan. It is the least risky solution. With a variable rate, the rate of your loan will go up and down, according to the evolution of market rates.

To reduce the risk, it is preferable to choose a variable rate “capped”, that is to say capped upward. Currently, this type of loan is very rarely offered.

The rate is expressed in overall effective rate (TEG). It includes, in addition to the interest rate, all the other compulsory costs: administrative costs, guarantee costs and death-disability insurance (if the latter two are offered by the bank).


The modular loan, a long-term management tool

The modular loan, a long-term management tool

The vast majority of home loans are flexible: after two years of repayment, you have the option of increasing or reducing your monthly payments (under the conditions provided for in the contract). This makes it possible to adapt the charge of the credit to the evolution of your income.


Consider using subsidized loans

money loans

In addition to the bank loan, subsidized loans make it possible to finance part of the purchase, with preferential rate conditions. Among the most frequent, there is the zero rate loan (PTZ), the social accession loan (PAS), the Action Housing loan (eg 1% housing).


Application fee

They represent about 1% of the loan. Request the application of the minimum amount provided, or better, the removal of these costs. Also negotiate the reduction or elimination of the compensation that the banker is entitled to claim from you upon the early repayment of the loan (which cannot – by law – exceed 3% of the principal remaining due before repayment). With some exceptions, you will not be able to avoid this indemnity if you have your loan bought back by the competition.


Loan insurance

Loan insurance

Compare the cost of the disability death insurance offered by the insurer of the lending establishment with that of a borrower insurance taken out on an individual basis.

This second solution can be financially more attractive, especially for young and healthy borrowers. Since September 2010, your banker cannot refuse this contract, provided that he offers guarantees equivalent to those of his insurance contract.

Choose the loan guarantee: mortgage or guarantee?

Evaluate the cost of the guarantee required by the banker against a non-reimbursement: mortgage, privilege of lender of money (PPD) or guarantee granted by a specialized financial organization.

The mortgage and the PPD are more expensive than the deposit when setting up. And if you sell your property before the end of the loan, you will pay release costs. With the deposit, at the end of the loan part of the costs is returned to you. But the deposit is not always granted, you need a “good file”.